30sec Commercial Competition

Monday August 23, 2010

Welcome to the first 30SEC Commercial Competition by Vancouver Asian Film Festival. We’re inviting everyone to join this October 2010. The 3 Winners of the competition will be showcased on TV during the weeks leading up to Vancouver Asian Film Festival on November 4th. One of the spots will be given to the team that wins the People’s Choice Award. This winner is rated by how many “Like’s” are shown on your video displayed on our VAFF YouTube channel.

Commercials have no criteria but to be 30 seconds long and to fit with the theme “What’s Your CombinAsian?”. See details below.


The 14th annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival showcases: diverse films of varying style, genre and technique; mediated panel discussions, educational programming and filmmaking competitions. Introducing a new approach this year, one based on ethnographic information gathered after last year’s festival as well as significant research in contemporary Asian Canadian topics, the VAFF curatorial committee implements the concept theme of COMBINASIAN for this year’s Festival.

In deciding this year’s theme, the VAFF committee sought an idea that was broad and approachable for both filmmakers and audience members, yet also applicable and relevant to VAFF’s overall mandate. COMBINASIAN is a recognizable and accessible buzz word amalgamating the words “combination” and “Asian” together. Tipping the hat to current jargon of a particular generation (ages 16-35) particularly within social media sectors, COMBINASIAN lightheartedly references a contemporary age of cultural fusion; from food preferences to familial practices, personal politics to social behaviour.

Our marketing strategy involves prompting the question “What’s your COMBINASIAN?” Our goal is to reach a large and diverse audience with this theme as an access point and conversation starter. As a result, this year’s films are programmed to reflect these corresponding topics. COMBINASION not only highlights the growing interchange between Asian and Western practices and perspectives, but also celebrates this fusion of cultural characteristics through film.

Our 30Sec Commercial Competition, invites participants to express their perspective and personal interpretation of their CombinAsian. As well, like our mandate, provides a platform to broadcast North American Asian content.

30SEC Commercial Competition Example


Create and upload your 30 second commercial – any type of commercial as long as it ties in with the theme of “What’s Your CombinAsian?” Just be sure that it accurately relays the meaning of CombinAsian as stated above.

There are 4 main criteria for submissions:

  1. Submissions should explore the theme CombinAsian. The video does not have to state the word CombinAsian but all commercials must have the tagline “What’s Your CombinAsian?” shown visually in words at one point in the commercial.
  2. Submissions should have a strong message that is suitable for television. It can be any style, as long as it’s suitable for television. Anything goes!
  3. Entries must be exactly 30 seconds.
  4. The Vancouver Asian Film Festival and a thank you clip provided by us to the television sponsor must appear as the last image shown in the commercial. It will be provided upon registration.
  5. Submissions must follow YouTube criteria


Three winners of the competition, along with the example footage will become the official Vancouver Asian Film Festival commercials, reaching an audience of over 3000 viewers.
Prizes include:

Two of the winners will be chosen by Vancouver Asian Film Festival and SHAW TV Judge. The final position will be selected by People’s Choice award. This will be tracked by the amount of “Likes” clicked on VAFF’s Youtube Page.

3 Winners of the competition, along with the example footage will be showcased on TV during regular commercial period during the month leading up to the Vancouver Asian Film Festival happening on November 4-7, 2010. Television Network TBA. 2 of the winners will be chosen by Vancouver Asian Film Festival and one of the spots will be allocated to People’s Choice award. This will be tracked by the amount of “Likes” clicked on VAFF’s Youtube Page.


REGISTRATION Online (Registration Form below)
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: October 8, 2010, 6 p.m. PDT
SUBMISSION DEADLINE October 15, 2010, 6 p.m. PDT


Commercials will be judged on how well they execute the theme of ‘What’s your CombinAsian?’ as well as their commercial appeal. There are no restrictions any of the participants to be asian. Between the weeks of October 16-31st, the entries will be available to view on VAFF’s Youtube Channel. During that time, the competition is open to People’s Choice Award voting. Winner will be decided by the most amount of ‘Likes’ on their video.


For more info on VAFF 30Sec Commercial Competition please contact:
Tammy Tsang
Marketing Director, VAFF.org
Email: Tammy.tsang@myloudspeaker.ca
Phone: 778.558.3835